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Wheres Does The Jesus Story Begin?

Wheres Does The Jesus Story Begin?

Each evangelist puts the new story of Jesus into a different frame. To understand the evangelists' frames is a wonderful entry to appreciating their different portraits of Jesus.

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Where else would you get this clarity?
I have read too many books on the Gospels to remember, but this is the first that has given me a real clarity of thinking about each of the Gospels, and what makes them singular. Nowhere have I read about the frames of the Gospels - the outer worlds of the evangelists which help understand their particular story of Jesus. This is really original.

Father McBride gives us four keys to open each of the Gospels, and the insights are wonderful. They are sharp and simple and readable. This man has a great gift for communication and one day I would love to hear him speak for myself.

With thanks to Redemptorist Publications for giving this book to the Church.
Matthew Beecham (London)

Listening to the author
I was among the crowd in Salisbury two Saturdays ago for Fr Denis' four lectures on Where does the Jesus Story Begin?

We were all moved by how he shared his learning, and his wonderful sense of humour - with a supreme lightness of touch, and without once referring to a note in four and a half hours of lecturing. I bought the book, which is such an inspiration. It does not, however, come near to hearing and meeting the man himself. Thank you, Father Denis!
Susanne Fordyce

Great to have it so clear
I don't want to sound like a groupie, but I have really discovered gold in Father Denis. After listening to him at Hope University I bought all his books (my bank manager will be speaking to me soon!) What an investment! This book gives you a window into each Gospel and you feel you get a taste of what is to come. Brilliant stuff!
Nicolas de Jonge

Superb course
Here in Western Australia we have just followed Fr Denis' full course\: Where Does the Jesus Story Begin? The books sold out but we managed to grab a couple. This is such a fascinating intro to each of the four Gospels, and we heard so much stuff we never heard before. Really refreshing \- and the course was full of good humour and psychological insight. Thanks Fr Denis for expanding our vision and we wish every Catholic lecturer and teach could hear you.
Marion and Jode (Western Australia)

Review on the GoodBookStall website.
'If you were the first missionary to a tribe who had never heard anything about Jesus, where would you begin the story?' (p. 22). Father McBride, with his usual clarity and engaging style, examines the Infancy Narratives of Matthew and Luke, and the introductory verses of Mark and John, the 'obvious' beginnings of 'the Jesus Story', fitting them into the wider 'frame' which each evangelist uses. However, in his 'Finale', he shows that, for the Apostles and first Christians, the 'beginning' was the death and resurrection of Jesus, '...the Gospel begins with "alleluia"...The birth of Jesus becomes important because of his death and resurrection.' (p. 165). Perhaps the reader might like to go straight to this chapter, having read his first, 'Where do you begin a story?', which is helpful, not only in the context of this book, but within the wider context of one's own life, and the way one recounts it to another person. That ' the essence of every story.' (p. 6) may be a surprise - but is true. The book is well laid out. While there is no formal bibliography, this is supplied in the (too small print) footnotes, which usefully appear on the actual page. Father McBride succeeds in answering his question, in a way that appeals to both the specialist and general reader. Stimulating and enjoyable.
J Nicholas Latham, The GoodBookStall