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Seasons of the Word

Seasons of the Word

In this 20th anniversary edition of this book Denis McBride takes his readers through the full liturgical cycle of readings for Sundays and feast days. His insightful reflections throw new light on familiar and unfamiliar passages of scripture. A vital tool for preachers and all those who want to deepen their understanding of the word of God as it is found in our liturgy. Includes free CD-Rom that includes the reflections and additional text.

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The best there is!
As a headteacher who has to prepare assemblies, and as a regular reader in the cathedral, I have found this book fresh, contemporary, making wonderful connections between the Gospel and life. Father McBride has this gift of lifting the words of scripture off the page and giving them new life. He is a seriously gifted writer and a grace to all of us who look for help in our ministries. I recommend this book without pause.
Marianne Heverlee

Fantastic sermons
When my pastor fails to give a good sermon, I can always count on McBride to open the Scripture to me. I read Seasons of the Word weekly and always find that it brings the Scripture alive. This book is a keeper.
Mercedes Verde