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Emmaus: The Gracious Visit of God according to Luke

Emmaus: The Gracious Visit of God according to Luke

Takes the reader on a biblical journey, ending in the company of two disciples on the road to Emmaus who, after frankly sharing their disappointment and hurt, meet a new future at the heart of their experience.

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This is the story of so many people today
The story of two disciples who leave the city of Jerusalem and try to head away from their hurt and disappointment is my favourite story in the Gospels. I see myself with them, sharing the story of everything that has gone wrong, feeling that life has somehow cheated me. So much that I had hoped in has now been cancelled. This wonderful book prizes open the story, taking you through each moment of the journey, one that ends in shared joy and renewed hope. While I found the first part of the book a bit scholarly, the second part, on the story of Emmaus, was like listening to a friend share a story of suffering and joy. A real treasure of a book that I have just found!
John Lovat