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The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke

A modern classic, this book was welcomed as bringing "a notable power of popular exposition to bear on the Gospel... the language is consistently fresh and contemporary."

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A brilliant case lawyer
A couple of weeks ago I heard Fr McBride give his lecture on the beginning of Luke's Gospel. You could have heard the grass grow, such was the attentive silence of our group of around 100 people from around the south of London.

I am a trial lawyer, familiar with defending criminal cases before a judge and jury. Fr McBride would make a brilliant barrister, setting out his case with consummate care and ease, persuading the jury that his presentation and argument were the nearest they would get to the truth. He is utterly engaging with a wonderful sense of humour thrown in.

I bought his book on Luke, the first Fr McBride wrote, I believe, and read the whole of it over the last two weeks. It reads like a good novel, observing the story of Jesus from the Annunciation to the Ascension. It is never abstruse; the language is beautifully simple and engaging.

Many thanks to St Mary's, Clapham, for organising this series of talks and many thanks to Fr McBride for sharing his faith and insights with us. Ad multos annos!

Patrick D'Arcy

May I follow my husband's review with my own? And I must begin with an apology. When my husband dragged me to hear Fr Denis, I was unwilling to give up a whole evening to listen to another dreary sermon. (We are not, I hasten to add, from St. Mary's parish in Clapham.) My expectations for the evening were sub-zero.

It was such a surprise and delight to hear Fr Denis speak about the beginning of each of the Gospels with such clarity and wit. He would be a wonderful after-dinner speaker! My favourite was Luke, and Fr Denis spoke about him and his writing with real passion and understanding.

While I haven't read the whole of his book on Luke, the bits I have dipped into have been really rewarding. I believe the coming year is the year of Luke, so I shall make this book my weekly companion for the year - which will compensate for the round of tedious sermons I fear I am bound to hear. Thanks for re-invigorating my failing faith.

Elisabeth D'Arcy