Audio by Denis McBride

Jesus and the Gospels

Jesus and the Gospels

Recordings of Denis McBride's course at Hawkstone Hall, reflecting on the key moments of the Jesus story as the four evangelists present them. Informative, entertaining and enthusiastic, the CDs bring the book alive.

This set of tapes comes with a free illustrated book, which includes charts, tables, and pictures to accompany the listening and make the experience more enjoyable.

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The best course on the Gospels you can find
36 CDs on the Gospels! I have listened to them in the car a number of times, and the insights and the good humour stay as fresh as the first time I listened. These CDs are a great resource for Gospel study, and a wonderful tender reading of Jesus and the Gospels.
Mark de Montjardin

A library of insight
This collection of teaching is an extraordinary tour de force! Our parish group have just finished a study course following the tapes of Fr Denis and we were inspired, lifted and (surprisingly) entertained. This is a library of insight into the Gospel story, a generous sharing of a lifetime's scholarship and teaching. It is worth dozens of books.

The group asked me to express our thanks to Redemptorist publications for producing these reflections with such professionalism and care. All of us have listened to tapes before, but there is nothing to compare with this CD collection. Thanks and well done!
Jack Blackburn (Liverpool)

Dear Fr. Denis,

Thank you so much for the series of talks in Clapham which I miss and have to make do with Andrew Marr.

However I did make the very wise investment in buying your CDs on Jesus and the Gospels which - possibly not your most uplifting compliment - have completely transformed my ironing.

Previously the mistress of "smooth it out and bury it in the basket" now has everything ironed to perfection as I ponder the transfiguration. My husband admitted that 15 years of marriage to a Catholic has had little impact on him, but 15 pairs of immaculately ironed underpants in his drawer is making him think again.

I had a decidedly dodgy professor who tediously reminded his female juniors that the way to a man's heart was not through his stomach but through his underpants. Perhaps I misjudged the professor as the truth of this remark has now been revealed.

I heard the children whispering, "Ask her now - she's got her Jesus CDs on". Clearly and happily the influence of the CDs goes beyond my personal struggles.

All the best for your future adventures and many thanks again.